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Lights, camera, action! If you've ever dreamt of being a part of the dynamic world of film and television, but with a focus on the business side of things, look no further. We're here to guide you through the exciting program offered by Centennial College, known as "Film and Television - Business."


A Unique Program with Endless Possibilities

At Centennial College's School of Communication, Media, Arts, and Design, we take pride in offering a program that prepares you to dive headfirst into the business aspects of the television and film production industry. This isn't your typical film school; this is a program designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the competitive world of media.

Your Ticket to Success

Wondering what makes this program so special? Let's take a closer look at what it has to offer:

Curriculum Highlights

Here are some of the exciting courses you can expect to tackle during your journey through the Film and Television - Business program:

The Business of Producing

Ever wondered how your favorite films and TV shows come to life? This course will give you an inside look at the business side of production, from budgeting to scheduling and everything in between.

Accounting for Film & Television

Money makes the world go 'round, especially in the entertainment industry. Learn how to manage finances, handle budgets, and keep projects on track financially.

Production Management and Coordination

Successful production requires seamless coordination. Dive into the intricacies of managing a production from start to finish.

Entertainment Law

Explore the legal side of the industry, including contracts, intellectual property rights, and more. You'll be well-versed in the legalities of entertainment.

Funding and Financing

Money doesn't just appear magically; you need to know how to secure it. Discover the various methods of funding and financing film and television projects.

Production Basics

Get hands-on experience with the basics of production, from equipment operation to set management.

Ready to Dive In?

If you're ready to embark on a journey that will prepare you for an exciting career in the film and television business, look no further. Centennial College is here to support you every step of the way.

Visit University Website

Ready to take the next step? Visit university website to find more information about the program, admission requirements, and how to apply. We're excited to welcome you to our community of aspiring media professionals.

How Much Does It Cost?

Financial Considerations

We understand that pursuing higher education is a significant investment. Here's a breakdown of the costs:

  • Tuition: $15,693 CAD/year
  • Additional Expenses: Approximately $4,550 CAD/year
  • Scholarships: Various scholarship opportunities are available. Learn more about scholarships

Scholarships: Your Path to Financial Ease

Unknown Opportunities Await

Don't let financial worries hold you back from your dreams. Explore the scholarships available for the Film and Television - Business program and discover a world of possibilities. You may find opportunities you never knew existed.

Visit the University Website

For detailed information about available scholarships and how to apply, visit university website. Your path to financial ease might be just a click away.


In a world where entertainment rules, the business side of film and television is more critical than ever. Centennial College's Film and Television - Business program is your passport to success in this exciting industry. From producing to finance and everything in between, we've got you covered.


1. How do I apply for the Film and Television - Business program at Centennial College?

Visit university website for detailed information on admission requirements and the application process. It's a straightforward journey to kicks tart your career in the entertainment industry.

2. Are there any scholarships available for this program?

Absolutely! Centennial College offers various scholarships for eligible students. Visit our university website to explore scholarship opportunities and learn how to apply.

3. What sets this program apart from other film and television courses?

Our program is unique because it focuses on the business aspects of the industry, giving you a competitive edge. You'll gain practical skills in production, finance, and more, setting you up for success in this dynamic field.

4. What is the typical class size for the Film and Television - Business program?

We aim for an intimate and engaging learning experience, so class sizes are generally small, allowing for more personalized attention and interaction with instructors.

5. Can I visit the campus and learn more about the program in person?

Absolutely! We encourage prospective students to visit our campus, meet with faculty, and explore our facilities. It's a great way to get a feel for what Centennial College has to offer.

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